Hallo aus Rumaenien

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Hallo aus Rumaenien

Beitrag von CactusVinnie » 05.10.2014, 21:43

Hi all,

I hope that not knowing the German language will not be a totally limiting factor for me on this forum... I preferred to write in English since Google Translate could make things funnier than they would be, sometimes.
I live in Bucharest, 41 years old, and I keep native ibera and boettgeri, horsfieldi, Sternotherus carinatus & odoratus, Apalone spinifer. These, along some small cold-hardy exotic fish and winterharte kakteen.

I breed only the iberas by now, and I am not affraid of hot incubation [icon_biggrin.gif] - I currently incubate at 33-35*C with night absenkung down to 25-28*C, I let temperatures reach even 37-38*C as short-time peaks. Generally, I try to imitate the natural nest temperatures, wich I found to raise sometimes even above 40*C. Well, I prefer to stay a bit lower than that :).
That method rarely resulted in scute anomalies- these do occur, but at a very low frequency, maybe the same as encountered in wild animals. I cannot connect them to the higher temperatures I incubate to. Duration- between 68-75 days. I strongly believe that circadian and seasonal variation in nest temperatures plays an important role in the embryo's enzymes activity, wich in turn help in obtaining strong, endocrine normally and generally healthier animals.

I also support long hibernations, according to the origin of animals. In our country's extreme SW occur the northernmost boettgeri and in our SE some of the northernmost ibera. Even if there are some inland location in the Balkans or Turkey that could be equally or even a bit colder, exceptional winters could force the tortoises here to hibernate up to six months. Well, I remember a single winter like that, and maybe another occurred in my early lifetime- so let's say one in 20 winters is that harsh. My tortoises hibernate 4,5-5 months, largely corresponding to our natives hibernation.

That's pretty all for now... I apologise again for not being able to speak German... but I am very curious in knowing as much as possible from other countries hobbysts and exchange experience. I roamed English, French and American forums and found lots of useful information, and as well absurd approaches and ridiculous egos- last ones with a 99% rate in the only US forum I visited [icon_razz.gif] ... but there were also great people to talk with.


Bucharest, Romania